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RentMen: What’s your lifestyle? What makes you who you are?
jlangsdon: My education, going to the gym and living a healthy life. Sure the body is a work in progress but I compensate well with a great connection. I like to incorporate being acting and eating right. Emotional well-being is of high importance in my life as I’ve recently taken up yoga. It’s nearly transformative in that you see your life getting better in nearly every single aspect when you adapt a different lifestyle. You may see it as boring and tasteless with respect to the food but it takes a lot to be mindful of what you put it and what you get out of it. In the end, you’d see so much that would have seemed essential or that which you needed to have a good life or feel good isn’t really all that. Like food, it’s just for sustenance. No, don’t eat it from a tube but it’s what you’re putting in your body and make sure your nourish yourself.
Updated: 13 Nov, 07:23
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